about us

The Sweet Duchess is a custom cake and dessert catering company. We specialize in beautiful and delicious cakes and desserts for all occasions.  But there's more to the story.... and it goes like this...

What do you get when you combine two artists with a love (and genetic inclination) for baking. Sofia Demetriou and Kristyne Kounas are two cousins (by marriage) who combined their talents to form The Sweet Duchess. Together they are creating some of the most beautiful and equally delicious designer cakes in Long Island.  

Sofia's grandfather owned bakeries in Greece and New York for years, and even won a cake decorating competition at the Worlds Fair. He passed those genes right along to her. Her infatuation with baking started at the very ripe age of two when she would visit her grandfather at his bakery in Astoria. By 6 she was tearing out recipes from Readers Digest and saving them in a scrap book. Throughout the years she picked up her skills in baking from her mother and grandmother who would spend endless hours baking up amazing cakes and various desserts. She went on to acquire a degree in Interior Design from FIT and worked in the field for several years before having her two girls and decided to stay at home to take care of them. As they grew, so did her talent, which she honed during her downtime at home with her two little girls. She decided to turn her hobby of baking and art into a business. This talent helped her score an internship with Sylvia Weinstock which was featured on WeTV's one hour special called Iced With Sylvia Weinstock. She was then also featured on ABC's The Chew where is won a Chewer VS Viewer showdown competition against famed Chef Mario Batalli. 

Her partner Kristyne has also had a love for baking as a child, which was first inspired by chocolate making with her mother and late grandmother. Growing up she could be found in the kitchen on her tip toes rummaging through her mother's cookbooks and groceries; always a trail of flour and sprinkles left behind her. Nowadays you can find her in her very own kitchen usually with tie-dye colored hands and a floured apron. 

Inspired by her father's artistic abilities and her love of painting, Kristyne took an abundance of art classes throughout her youth to learn different mediums. She earned several awards throughout New York State and eventually went on to study fine art in college. In 2009 Kristyne's younger sister asked her if she could make a fondant birthday cake. From that day forward the rest became history; Kristyne found her calling combining her background in the arts with her love of baking.

Their passion for creating fuels their abilities every day and they find real joy in their work. Every cake is a new adventure for them!