Greek Easter eggs

I have to admit. Easter is one of my most very favorite holidays! No, I'm not talking about your regular American chocolate Easter bunny, pastel explosion Easter. I'm talking about a good old-fashioned Greek Easter! A "let's roast a lamb on a spit in the backyard"  kind of Easter. A "let's go to church every day this week" type of Easter. 

To me, Greek Easter has always been about embracing our traditions. And as much as I am all for tradition I must say there is one I really try to stray away from.... Those darn red Easter eggs!

Yes folks, Greeks dye their Easter eggs red. Blood red! My memories of these eggs are always pink egg salad with that greenish over-done yolk. I mean, don't get me wrong. I kind of like pink egg's a little different, and a conversation starter in the cafeteria when I was a kid. 

I am shamefully admitting that I have never ever dyed my Easter eggs red. Does this make me a bad Greek 🙈 In an attempt to over compensate for this travesty I am always on the lookout for cool Easter egg ideas. I figure if I can distract the relatives with some blaringly amazing Easter egg creations they will forget to ask where those boring red ones are.

This year I think I nailed it! Thank you Pinterest, you've made my life such a joy! Take a look at these beauts 

Greek Easter 2015 creations

Greek Easter 2015 creations

Ok so you're probably thinking "how the heck..." And NO I did not sit there with a paintbrush and painstaking draw out every flourish... I'm artsy... Not crazy.  

Look... It's soooo much easier than you think. You'll need 

•white eggs

•100% silk fabric with a pattern

•white cheesecloth or other thin white material (maybe an old pillow case or bed sheet)  

•boiling water

•1/4 cup Apple cider vinegar

•rubberband or thick string

You'll need 100% silk if you want this to work.  

You'll need 100% silk if you want this to work.  

I knew that if I went into my husband's closet and started stealing his pocket squares and silk ties I would probably not live to see the light of day. So, off I went to Century 21 to score some deals on some cheap pocket squares. I hit the jackpot! Five dollars for a silk pocket square! Obviously I got excited so I bought a nice handful. 

I figured I can get four eggs out of one pocket square. I kind of learned that the hard way though. The first pocket square really was a bit of a hack job.



Look at that... Soooo pretty. Like a tiny lil Easter surprise (that smells kinda funny) 

Look at that... Soooo pretty. Like a tiny lil Easter surprise (that smells kinda funny) 

Make sure you wrap the printed side closest to the egg. You want to get the most amount of color on the egg as possible. Let the eggs come to room temperature to avoid any cracking while you boil them. I used a rubber band and a ribbon to tie the silk. I found that a thick rubberband worked best. 

Next you'll want to tie the light material around the egg. I used a thin fabric that I always keep on hand to a upholster my cake boards with. I can buy 2 yards at a time at Michael's ...they sell it in a pre-cut mini bolt. 


Voila! Now let's boil these gals!

Voila! Now let's boil these gals!

12 minutes in boiling water with the 1/4 cup of vinegar added to it for a perfectly wonderfully cooked boiled egg. Remove gently with a slotted spoon. Now is the hard part.... Waiting till they are cool enough to unwrap! 

After they were cool enough to handle I unwrapped them, and with a little bit of olive oil on my hand I rubbed them to give them a nice soft sheen.  

I really doubt I will ever be able to make a plain old boiled egg again. I kind a like these fancy-schmancy eggs!  

With that being said, Kalo Passha! (Happy Easter) is a Greek tradition to have a sort of "egg duel" where we crack the eggs one against the other and see who is egg is the strongest and will withstand the most wacks. Well... At least that's with the boring red ones are for. I'm hoarding these eggs till my fridge smells like a dirty foot!!! (Ok not really, but you catch my drift!)